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Residential Electrical Safety Check Up for the Homeowner

FACT:  Every year, electrical failures cause, on average 43,900 house fires in the United States. These fires result in approximately 438 deaths, 1430 injuries, and upwards of $1.47 billion in property damage.  But be aware, because fire is not the only safety concern when dealing with residential electrical systems.  An additional average of 400 people are electrocuted yearly, with thousands more who receive non-fatal electric shock and/or burn injuries.

Okay, so I just read the above “FACT”, and I must admit, it is rather scary.  Keep in mind that I am the Customer Service and Dispatch Representative here at Greenwave Electric, and NOT an electrician. In fact, before I came to work here, I cannot recall one time where I actively thought about my home electrical system. I am seemingly drawn to it. When I go out anywhere, I am looking around at lighting fixtures, receptacles, light switches, and so on and so on. It’s similar to when you get a new car, for instance…before you got your car, you never really noticed them …but after? It seems that every car you seem to pass is that particular type of car that you purchased. Well for me, electrical things are now the same way.

The Electrical system of a residence is a system of great concern, as it is concealed for the most part and potentially dangerous. After working here at Greenwave for a while, I am now actively aware that electricity has an essential role in how my home operates. Flipping on a light switch, turning on the TV, or loving the warmth when the heater kicks on, all of these things and more are only possible when our home electrical system is working properly. So to ensure the safety of your home electrical system, The Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends conducting two (2) Residential Electrical Safety Check Ups per year. This will help in identifying and correcting potential electrical hazards in your home BEFORE an electrical fire or incident can occur.

Just as regular wellness check ups at the doctor are critical in the effort to maintain your health, so are the electrical check ups a critical part of maintaining the electrical safety of your home. So, in an effort to help our customers stay electrically safe, we are offering a printable PDF Residential Electrical Safety Check Up for your use, at the bottom of this blog. Just click, download, and print, and you are ready to inspect.  Further, if upon completion of your safety check up, you realize that there are any electrical issues that need attention, we at Greenwave Electric are here to help you with any electrical service needs, just give our office a call to set an appointment.

I encourage each reader to print and use this document, as an aid in checking the vitals of your home. I also request for you to encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same.

Thank you so much for reading, and we here at Greenwave Electric wish you a safe and happy New Year in 2015.



Residential Electrical Safety Check Up

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