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The Divide

Category: The Team Speaks

Us v Them

You v Me

Employers v Employees

Customers v Companies


You can pretty much drive that train through all aspects of our lives…and it boils down to this, division keep us from achieving amazing things TOGETHER.  Division creates distrust.  Division creates animosity.  Division creates anxiety.  Division creates heartache.  These walls that surround us are deadening our ability to experience life, our vision is blurry at best and what we hear is muffled, it’s been happening for so long we can’t remember what is was like to see and hear clearly.  These walls are put there by others (things done to us) and by ourselves (things we do to ourselves), very often these walls are completely justified.  Many times we do not even realize how high we have built our walls until one day we can’t even have a civilized, rational conversation about (insert topic) because our perception is so skewed that all we see is RED.  Anyone else feel like that is where society is today?  It doesn’t have to be this way.


More specifically though, what divides a company and keeps it from achieving greatness?


I believe it comes down to fear.  Fear of making mistakes.  Fear of being wronged.  Fear of having responsibility.  Fear of being rejected.  Fear of differences.  Fear of the unknown.  Much has been written about fear, by those much more educated and well spoken than myself, but it seems to be the building blocks of the walls that we put up.


Greenwave isn’t just about providing electrical service work.  It’s an experiment in 1) Can walls be brought down by a healthy and supportive work environment? and 2) Can this divide between people be bridged?  If so, what could be achieved?  This kind of attitude does exist in the marketplace today, but does it exist in our industry?  Based on my experience, it does not, or in limited amounts.  Who wants to work their whole life and be miserable every day simply because that is the status quo?  If we achieve nothing more than having a place of joy and excitement, where Monday is met with a smile rather than a sigh, it can be a life changing experience to a single individual and in the end, isn’t that enough?  The world is changed one person at a time.


It would be disingenuous of me to act like we are already there, we are not…but, it is at the forefront of importance to the strategic growth of this company.

The idea behind this blog is to promote public discussion about this company between all of us who put our heart into what we do here, good and bad.  In the end we are all just people, we have all done damage and been damaged, remembering that can go a long way to bringing down walls.


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