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Welcome to our first real blog

Category: The Team Speaks

Travis, our esteemed President, has in my mind taken a bold step forwards. A leap of faith in beginning to create a better world. A world for us here at Greenwave and in turn for everyone we have the privilege to meet and work with.

A little background….

Construction, and in particular the role of construction electricians, is a dog eat dog world. Stress and distrust are rife here, they thrive. Some seven years ago now, Travis came to the conclusion that “there must be another way, a better way” and Greenwave was formed. Since then it has been very much an uphill struggle but I feel a change, our time is coming….

There must be another way of life, it doesn’t have to be like this!
How many times have you had that thought? The older I get the more I have it, and you know what? There is!!

It’s about Integrity, Humility, and Equality. These are the values of Greenwave, our core. It’s about ALWAYS doing what’s right, no matter what it takes. I know it hasn’t always been easy to do this, sometimes we have lost our way. We are committed to doing our very best to keep on track going forwards.

Back to the bold step….

None of this can be accomplished if there is a lack of accountability. Travis asked me to set up this blog on the firm understanding that it is uncensored, no spin, no filtering.
Greenwaves first set of customers, our staff, the people we can’t do this without will be able to post here what they are thinking about. What they feel should be said. Open to the world to see.
I cautioned Travis that this could possibly go terribly badly but his reaction was simple. He told me that if people feel they needed to post negatively then he needed to hear it and be held accountable for what had caused the issue in the first place.

BOOM, as they say.

Travis, I take my hat off to you sir. In my mind you are a shining example of bravery in an often difficult world.
Transformation, the changing of one state of being to another has begun. THIS is what I signed up for. To make a change in the world. To help people. To grow as a man, a friend, an educator. To enjoy going to work every day

I hope this will be just one step to growing together from individuals to a team, to a family.

What are your thoughts?


Rob Scott

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