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The experienced electricians at are dedicated to high caliber repair and installation services for the electric needs of Northeast Kansas. We hire only the best electricians, dedicated professionals who get the job done right the first time. Our well-trained, drug-screened, and background-checked technicians are committed to your complete satisfaction. That's why we maintain a clean worksite by using shoe covers and drop cloths to protect your home.

If you have a specific question, not listed below, please contact us directly.


Question: How do I apply for a job at Greenwave Electric?

Answer: We are always accepting application from potential candidates and typically draw from those first. You can apply by going to Apply at Greenwave and select the position you are interested in applying for.

Question: What sets you apart from other electrical service companies?

Answer: Our service technicians are not just trained to troubleshoot your electrical problems, but to do it in a timely manner, with minimal interruptions. You will always get a service technician who is properly attired and easily identifiable and happy to explain any situation. All our techs are drug tested and trained in treating your home like it was their own.

Question: Will you show up when you say you will?

Answer: We always show up on time!.

Question: If you don’t have an hourly rate or an “estimate” to provide, how can I compare your rates with other companies?

Answer: You can compare our up-front FINAL price with their “estimated” price. Chances are they will only give you an “estimate,” or price range, or hourly range. Wouldn’t you rather have the FINAL price guaranteed before the work begins? Simply stated, up-front pricing puts the risk on the electrical contractor, an hourly rate puts the risk on the consumer. We use an up-front proposal pricing system that we stand behind, no matter how long it takes us to get the work done.

Question: Can you give me a ballpark price?

Answer: Rarely is a price given over the phone that is in the customer’s favor. Many times the issue that the client describes over the phone can appear to be simple, but without a qualified electrician to take the time to troubleshoot the problem, it could be something unseen or unnoticed and potentially dangerous. We would prefer to arrive at your home for a complete inspection of the problem and then give you an upfront price based on the actual situation rather than guessing.

Question: How can I know how much this will cost?

Answer: Once we evaluate your electrical problem, we will provide you with an up-front price to fix it. We always charge by the job, not by the hour, so our residential customers always know what the cost is before we start the work. You don’t want to be surprised by how much it costs after the work is completed and we don’t want to surprise you.

Question: What is your philosophy towards employees?

Answer: We believe this question isn’t asked enough and frankly it ought to influence your decision. We consider our employees partners in our endeavors, not just tools that do the job. Employees are the greatest asset of any business and should be treated as such. From their safety and education to working towards a premium wage. We believe in creating the premier place for an electrician to work. Which means you, as the consumer, will be getting the best.

Question: What standards do you perform your work to?

Answer: We guarantee our work will be done according to the current National Electrical Code and your city ordinances, every time and with no exceptions. If we need to go above and beyond to make sure something is safe and adequate, we will.

Question: What types of products do you use?

Answer: We only use the highest quality materials that are UL Listed and rated for their proper use, like: Cutler-Hammer, Hubbell, Leviton, Lutron, Superior/Essex, Encore, Lithonia, Williams, Carlon, and Thomas & Betts.

Question: Do you use skilled and licensed technicians?

Answer: We only hire the best, most professional and responsible technicians. We constantly train our technicians on a regular basis to make sure they offer you the best most reliable service. All of our technicians are drug-tested and background-checked before they ever step into your home. Our technicians are properly licensed and would be happy to show their license at any time.

Question: What is troubleshooting (diagnostics)?

Answer: Troubleshooting is the detective work involved in any electrical repair. We need every clue we can get to determine the problem quickly and accurately. You can help us tremendously by giving us an idea of how the electrical issue has affected you and when it first occurred. We test and examine your wiring and combine that with the information you provide us.

Question: How long does troubleshooting typically take?

Answer: Troubleshooting a problem does not usually take very long with a trained professional, but there is not an exact time that can be given. It varies greatly on the situation, and how well the house was originally wired. We provide a price upfront for our troubleshooting so our clients will not have any surprises and communicate with them during the process. In many cases, the solution to the problem is easier than finding the problem. The first half hour of troubleshooting is included in our trip fee.

Question: How many technicians do you send on a service call?

Answer: Most of the time we send one technician. In some cases two technicians are necessary or more economical than one. We will always meet the need, whatever it may be. With our up-front pricing, you do not need to worry about how many technicians it takes to do the work as the risk is all on us!

Question: Can you fix the problem the same day?

Answer: We will make every effort to do so! More often than not, we can fix the problem the same day. However some issues will require a city permit, an inspection, or utility company to do our work, and we must work within these entities’ schedules. We will always keep the line of communication open to you, so you never will have to wonder what is going on. Once in a while, a part must be special ordered because of its rarity. We will do everything in our power to get the materials as soon as possible.

Question: How will you ensure that my house stays clean?

Answer: All of our technicians wear shoe protection and utilize drop clothes to keep your house clean. At the end of the job we vacuum and sweep up accordingly. We treat your home like it was our own.

Question: How does your Yard Sign program work?

Answer: We offer a yard sign incentive for our clients to promote a partnership attitude. If we do work at your house, we’ll knock 10% off the bill, up to $25.00, if you let us put a sign in your yard for 30 days. You don’t even need to call us to pick it up. Help us spread the word! Click here to find out more!

Question: How are you supporting the community?

Answer: While we are a new company, we have already made strides to make a positive mark on the community. We are constantly looking for ways that we can donate our services to community auctions. If you are in charge of a community auction and are interested in including Greenwave Electric, please e-mail Ryan Gigous. As we continue to grow, we have some great ideas that we look forward to implementing. If you have an idea for us, give us a call!

Question: Where are you located?

Answer:We are currently located in Topeka, KS.

Question: Which counties are you currently serving? Is there a cost for you to show up?

Answer: We are currently serving the following counties. Shawnee, Douglas, Jackson, Jefferson, Osage, Atchison, Franklin, Geary, Johnson, Leavenworth, Lyon, Riley, Wabaunsee, and Wyandotte. We charge a flat trip fee to send a licensed technician to your home, this includes a half hour of troubleshooting or the time needed to put together an installation quote for larger projects.

For electrical service in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas, complete our online request form, or call an experienced electrician today!

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