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Why Do Circuit Breakers Trip?

When a circuit breaker trips in your Topeka home, it will cause a power outage, then you’ll have to go out to the garage, down to the basement, or somewhere outside of your home to switch the circuit back on. Especially if it’s occurring over and over again, this can be very frustrating and if […]

Reasons for Getting a Lawrence Electrical Safety Inspection

It’s easy to take for granted the luxuries that our modern day electricity in our homes offer but quick to be upset when something goes wrong. There is a great deal of care involved when it comes to electricity and it is essential that you take care of your home in order to make sure […]

Residential Electrical Safety Check Up for the Homeowner

FACT:  Every year, electrical failures cause, on average 43,900 house fires in the United States. These fires result in approximately 438 deaths, 1430 injuries, and upwards of $1.47 billion in property damage.  But be aware, because fire is not the only safety concern when dealing with residential electrical systems.  An additional average of 400 people […]

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